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We arrived at the beach. A vast blue ocean and smooth white sand. Truly, this spot befits a tropical island. It looks like there's no one else here except us... What should we do now?

Let's go running:

Let's take our clothes off:
Komaeda: Does that mean... You want to go on the ocean with me? I think that's a bad idea. There are lots of ways that could be dangerous. But I don't mind if you just want to see me naked.
Hinata: [thinking] You don't mind...?
Hinata: [thinking] I think we both had a pretty good time.

I guess we could go fishing:
Komaeda: Fishing, huh... Fishing is great. It'll be hard for something unexpected to happen. The only things we really need to worry about is the rod breaking or reeling in a big one. Ah, it's also possible that we might reel in something we've never seen before! All right, let's compete to see who can land the biggest catch! Of course, it still counts even if it's not a fish!
Hinata: [thinking] It looks like he had a really good time.

Komaeda: ...
Hinata: [thinking] What in the world is Nagito thinking about...?
Komaeda: (Now then...)
Hinata: [thinking] Huh...? That voice just now. Is that...? Is that Nagito's inner thoughts?

So I'm all alone with Hinata-kun, huh... What should I talk about today...? All I want to do is... Entertain Hinata-kun... But I guess being verbally abused by him wouldn't be so bad. Ah, but if I say anything weirder than this... He'd probably hate me... I don't really want that... Ahh, why is this so difficult...!?

Hinata: Don't worry about it. Just talk about whatever you like.
Komaeda: Hinata-kun... Hearing you say that out loud is making me blush a little. But if that's the case... I guess it's also possible to not talk about anything every now and then. When I'm with you, I can enjoy the silence... At least, that's how I feel.
Hinata: [thinking] It looks like he has a really good time.

Komaeda: Hinata-kun, thank you very much for inviting someone like me to spend time with you. I hope you at least had fun too. If you don't mind spending time with a lowly bug like me, it'd make me super happy if you invited me again.

Komaeda: I guess the saying "Time flies when you're having fun" was true. For some reason... it scares me to think that I'm having fun without experiencing any bad luck. I mean, I feel so lucky right now that it wouldn't surprise me if one or two people I knew had died! ...But I should stop thinking about such dangerous things and get ready to go home to our love nest!




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Komaeda's talent is, unlike Makoto Naegi's, almost supernatural in ability. Super High School Level Good Luck doesn't quite cover it, as it's a talent that is impossible to replicate or control. So to keep it simple, I've condensed it into bullet points! The information here does not spoil plot development, but does refer to Komaeda's backstory.

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